Bruce Snyder

Video Creator
Captvid, LLC is an award winning video production company with over 30 years of commercial television experience in video editing, shooting, lighting, and sound.

We specialize in video content for business!

• Video is shot in cinema quality, 4k or high definition video for large and small commercial video projects.
Whether you need an introduction to your company for your website, social media or advertising, we can produce media that fits the format.
• Packages can include professional voice-overs, creative digital editing and spot distribution.
• Special effects can include Green Screen shooting (like you see on TV weather), crane and track and dolly for a more cinematic look.
• Want to appear on camera but can’t remember all those lines?   We have a teleprompter that lets you read the script in front of the camera. And no one would ever know.

Get Your Business Noticed